Hachi House

A new form of playhouse

Hachi is a build-it-yourself playhouse that promotes imagination through infinite possible forms, allowing children to mould their own adventure. The fat plush fabric upholstered and velcro noodle can be wrapped, laid or twisted into almost any shape. The concept is that a child can set about experiencing what it is to be a bee, an astronaut, a penguin or an architect through creating their very own playhouse!

A child’s imagination is limitless, Hachi provides a safe, fun and creative building material to give form to the designs of the child’s mind. The resultant playhouse - whatever this may be - becomes the backdrop to the latest adventure.

Hachi House is not only a habitable space, but one which engages a child’s whole body in the making process. Whether working as a team or an individual the child is empowered and offered a sense of possibility and achievement. The traditional model of playhouse becomes something more flexible, malleable and altogether more adventurous


PHOTOS: Grant Delin