Joan Rivers Worldwide

Joan Rivers, comedienne, outspoken Oscar fashion critic & jewelry designer, has always been known for her glamorous style and sharp wit on the red carpet.  However, when she decided to renovate the New York City headquarters of Joan Rivers Worldwide, she took a decidedly different route.  

“One of the most interesting aspects of this project is that Joan’s company is practically all women, from the designers to the executives to the support staff.  And they design jewelry - very feminine, very ornate jewelry.   So we strived to create a modern, sleek office space that could still maintain an equilibrium with the company’s feminine persona.  It proved to be a very delicate balance...” 

The result is a subtle combination of polished, minimal spaces punctuated by curves and warm colors.  Custom oval coffee tables and mirrors, enhanced by a multitude of rich velvets, leathers, and fabrics create a colorful backdrop to the ornate jewelry. 


PHOTOS: Stewart Ferebee