A Mano

A Roman Trattoria

The concept for the interiors was to create an honest “organic” space for cooking and eating. Typically the design term “organic” suggests fantastic forms taken from nature.  The design of A mano resists “form-making”, instead it is an honest exploration of “organic” material. The approach to A Mano is more like the preparation of a good Italian meal: Start with a few quality ingredients…and combine them without losing the taste of each element.  The resulting space has the warmth of home cooking combined with the style of an Italian café.

The focus on mixing familiar materials gave us the opportunity for experimentation and a blending of old and new worlds. The color palette evolved from a drive from Florence to Verona. We wanted to evoke Italy, and yet avoid the clichés often found in the designs for Italian restaurants. Much like a kitchen you might find in Rome, we were interested in creating a space that wasn’t so easy to define as “traditional” or “modern”, but rather a natural mix.