Red Hook Market

AFHNY 2008 Competition

By transforming parts of Bay Street into the Red Hook Market, our proposal acts as an active link between the public fields, parks, and pools of Red Hook. Unlike typical New York “street fairs” that rely on temporary food trucks parked along the edge of the street, Red Hook Market is re-envisioned with a central service core allowing access from all directions, transforming Bay Street into a vibrant seasonal food market and enhancing existing parks and open fields.

A sub-surface service core extending down the center of Bay Street provides easy access to electricity, water, and gas for the vendors. An experimental compact “BIO-GAS” digester is proposed as an alternative source for cooking fuel. By collecting the food waste from the market, the compact “BIO-GAS” plant is able to transform the waste into usable methane for cooking, "greening” the market and the community.