is a creative partnership established by the husband and wife team of Adam Weintraub and Mishi Hosono. The Studio, founded in 2000, gives them the opportunity to formally combine their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in a multi-disciplinary design forum. While centered on architecture, Koko Studio will also encompass interior, furniture, textile and product design.

The Studio was named as one of ten “faces of the future” by the American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter. A film presenting recent projects by Koko was featured in the New York Center for Architecture. Their work was awarded the prestigious International Will Ching Award for Interior Design by the IIDA.

Koko Architecture + Design is dedicated to the ideal that design has the ability to improve our lives. While specialization within a discipline has its role, the studio is committed to design in the widest possible sense: From the bend of an elevated railway to the curve of a playground slide.