Baxter Penthouse

and Garden

The existing historic NoHo loft had all of the right elements…in the wrong places.  By rearranging the elements, the space of the loft has been rediscovered. The former bulkhead is now filled with an oversized opaque skylight. The kitchen cabinets and fireplace become components of one long storage wall covered in driftwood blue veneer. 

The custom raw steel staircase with walnut treads, begins with a single limestone step at its base. The bulkhead has been re-imagined as a glass observatory complete with a high-powered telescope. Outside on the rooftop, an “extensive green roof” has been installed contrasting the neighboring industrial roof-scapes.  Rather than create a manicured and designed roofscape, the outdoor space recreates the feel of a simple city lot filled with wildflowers. The ornamental Japanese maple and wisteria vines sit comfortably next to a practical working herb and fruit garden. 

As the cities’ vacant lots and community gardens disappear into new developments, the rooftop is transformed into a new type of “vacant lot”.


PHOTOS: Mikiko Kikuyama