Cass Gilbert

The sole full floor loft in the Cass Gilbert, Salomon J. Manne’s fur building on West 30th Street, this 3800 square foot residence has 360 degree views of the entire city, with full terraces running along both the north and south sides of the building.

The owner was looking for a home to house his extensive 1940’s Italian furniture and contemporary art collection. Custom pony and patchwork hides cover the floors, while cashmere wall coverings adorn the bedroom, an homage to the history of the neighborhood.  The living room has 3 horizons: on the north and south, full walls of steel-framed glass windows frame the panoramic view, while on the east wall, a 20-foot Wim Wenders C-print, ‘Dust Road West Australia 1988’, creates the 3rd unexpected horizon.


PHOTOS: Mikiko Kikuyama