Cookie Magazine


Frequently designs for children’s first bedrooms overemphasize the visual sense at the expense of the less obvious senses. Ironically, a newborn’s sense of touch, sound, smell, and taste are often much more developed than their visual abilities. The Cookie Living Showhouse provides the unusual opportunity to magically “step into” a page of Cookie Magazine.

Many of the elements might not be fully experienced if only seen in a photograph. The sounds of the wooden ball play and the soft felt rug create a rich auditory and tactile experience. The swinging bassinet and “log” bench provides the child with new challenging ways to move through space. A sense of time and sustainability are expressed through the use of recycled fabric furniture, vintage wood blocks and the industrial felt rug. Despite the emphasis on the non-visual senses… all of the elements combine for a sensual room to share those precious early moments between parents and child.