Matta SOHO

soho boutique and studio

Matta New York required integrating a retail space with a design studio and wholesale showroom.  Matta is known for the combination of traditional textile crafts of India and Italy with a modern interpretation of color and pattern. The design of the space was to complement not only Matta’s visual energy, but also the concept behind the collection.

In order to enhance the collection, the store design relies on material qualities rather than form and color.  By restricting material to its elemental state, a background was established for the constantly changing clothing collection. 

Charcoal burnt pine walls surround the design studios, while the retail area is clad in light grey cement board and homasote. The wholesale showroom is lit by the original skylight above, and illuminated fiberglass floor panels below. The designer, Cristina Gitti, has her own working studio and concrete garden below the wholesale space.