Koko Architecture + Design is dedicated to the ideal that design has the ability to improve our lives. While specialization within a discipline has its role, the studio is committed to design in the widest possible sense: From the bend of an elevated railway to the curve of a playground slide.


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Chai Loft

An original Soho artists' loft becomes a new home for contemporary art and design. The project evolved into a study of contrasts: rough vs. smooth, soft vs. hard, dark vs. light, and cold vs. warm. Raw oak columns are challenged by blackened steel and zinc doors. Smooth wide plank walnut floors add warmth to the frosted glass and steel kitchen. Sharp mirrors float against the master bath walls of weathered wood porcelain. The owner utilizes the open living space as a backdrop for his constantly shifting furniture and art collection. The soho loft is reinterpreted as a refined space while maintaining the sense and texture of its unique past.

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Having fun laying out tiny colorful window boxes for a new tower in Taipei. Model making remains an important part of Koko’s design process!

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